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Complete mix All Eyez On Me Mix Tape "Domestic Disturbance"

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Featured on YouTube , New Artist Hoodarelli – Lyricist ,Vocalist ,Poet ,Producer ,Publisher ,Writer ,Actor ,Video Producer ,Production Manager.

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The All Eyez On Me Mix Tape ,, a project created written ,produced and performed by : Hoodarelli ,this extraordinary trendsetter displays a cyco Hardcore methodical sound ,mixed with a ruff lyrical bang to it , the video and the song ,the monologue is a intro to the album a poem if you will/spoken word “I call it spoken truth” when i first heard it , it made me think of this artist as a person who has really been through a lot, and with faith and perseverance this is what he say’s to the world “Do u See ? Can you See ,See Me” , it was puzzling at first ,but i understood the message “He is a Man” unlike any other …Currently in the studio 24/7 working on new projects  ,he is always working ,,Hoodarelli  is our Featured Platinum Artist .. Show your support and love for this independent Artist that’s causing quite a stir .Watch the Video Preview ,Directed Filmed and Created By : Donmossprofessionalservicesllc

Buy Complete All Eyez On Me Mix Tape ” Domestic Disturbance “

The Monologue : featured song on album

Download Complete Mix Tape Mp3 For : $9.99

Artist : Hoodarelli

Album : All Eyez On Me Mix Tape ” Domestic Disturbance “

Copyright Authentication : Dominick Hoodarelli

YouTube Channel : Dominick Hoodarelli

Distribution : Google Play


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